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About This Project

General HVAC concept in Cellestica project was the DBI (demand based indoors).  According to the DBI concept, each zone was designed with its proper system for maximum comfort and to respect the technological functioning and economical savings request.

In DBI were included the following systems:
• “All airn ( AA.S-CAV) (constant air volume), and mixing for Production hall zones and Storage area;
• “All airn system ( AAS-2S) in two stages, only fresh air (recycling possible) and CO2 sensor for rooms and toilets;
• “Air-Water” (AWS-VAV-M) system for with VAV (variable air volume) and air mixing in the offiices;
• “Air-Refrigerant” {ARS-CAV-CCI) with CAV fresh air only andl close control units for servers rooms.

Total usable surface :is around 20.000 m2 with 3 shifts working time and close to 500 people per shift Internal loads from 23 production lines for IT equipments and local noxes emission 11evel demand to exhaust about 11.0.000 m3/h.
With this project we can modify and adapt the installations according to the production requirements.

Office Buildings